Gender Reveal Party

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I was recently invited to my first gender reveal party and I have to say that it was absolutely adorable! All of the decorations were handmade: in pink and blue and found on Pinterest. All the guest voted on what the gender of the baby would be. We played games in teams: pink vs. blue and at the end of the party, the mom-to-be released balloons that were concealed in a huge white box w/matching bow to reveal the sex of the baby! Well, I lost as I was “team blue” as it was revealed the sex of the baby would be a girl! Absolutely adorable!






















Trending Now: Maternity Fashions

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Fashion is defined as dressing suitably/fittingly for the particular occasion/event. And that’s especially true for these celebrity moms’s-to-be!

We love how both of these moms-to-be are dressed: very casual and comfy this local charity event, held in Los Angeles, CA.

Ciara wore a super comfy, fashionably chic shirtdress in cream color (we love this look), while Drew wore a very comfy button down shirt in a navy blue (we love this color on her), and basic black fitted slacks. (We love this look as well)! Super comfy, casual and relaxed. Both maternity looks were paired with………. (Wait for it) flats!! (We love it)!!

If fashion is dressing properly for an event, then these two moms definitely got it right!

Maternity 2.0! Kate Middleton’s Maternity Style vs. Lady Diana’s!

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Maternity Wear has evolved!

Maternity wear has changed considerably within the last 20 + years!

Long gone are the days of matronly maternity dresses and paneled maternity pants! This is not your grandmother’s or even your mother’s maternity wear!

Maternity styles have evolved and are much more in line with what modern women are wearing today!

Today’s styles are much more form fitting, embracing every curve the new mother-to-be has!

We love Kate’s look! Kate looks amazing in this easy, breezy postpartum spring dress! It’s a very soft look, in baby blue and white polka-dots! As we said, this is not your grandmother’s or even your mother’s maternity wear and we love it!

Creating Your Own Style During Pregnancy!

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Creating your own style during pregnancy isn’t hard to do.

Whether your style is traditional, classic, modern or trendy, creating your own style during your pregnancy is what’s in fashion!
We love this look, modern yet chic! In one word-FABULOUS!

Kim Kardashian has taken this look and made it into a look that’s all her own. Accessorizing it with a pair of black leather pumps and a sparkly belt over her growing baby bump, she’s taken this leather and lace ensemble to a whole new level, and we love it!
Maybe your style is more traditional, clean and classic. Or maybe it’s more fun and trendy. Whichever, take it and turn it into your own style during your pregnancy!

Kim Kardashian
Modern and Chic












jenna dewan tatum
Classic Style


Babymoon Trends

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One incredible A-list trend we love is the Babymoon. Recently, on the Tia & Tamara show- Tia was preparing for her Babymoon (see video below). What’s a Babymoon? It’s a relaxing get-away for you and daddy before the baby arrives. It’s the last “hurrah” before you become parents.

Between all your doctor’s appointments and your never ending to-do list, it may seem as if you’ll never have time for just the two of you before the baby comes. Don’t you wish you could have just one last getaway? Then why not have a Babymoon?!!

And to maximize your Babymoon experience, pack yourself a sexy piece of maternity lingerie, a few candles, and a luxuriously rich belly rubbing oil and voila, you have your very own personal Babymoon!

Exclusively ours, our Babymoon gift baskets are filled with your choice of Sweet Dreams Maternity Wear’s maternity lingerie or lounge wear, travel size samples of Mama Mio Maternity skin care and keepsakes to remember your pregnancy experience such as a personalized “Do Not Disturb, We’re on Our Babymoon” door hanger, mini picture coaster frames, a cd of romantic & relaxing music, chocolate candies, plus other goodies specially designed for the new mom-to-be!

Our Babymoon gift basket also makes the perfect gift for a baby shower or any occasion. It’s loaded with gifts she’ll absolutely love and will find irresistible and items that she’ll treasure for a lifetime!

Celebrity Moms Sexy Growing Bellies

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Earlier this month, Jessica Simpson posed in the buff for Elle Magazine. While this mom-to-be isn’t the first to pose nude while pregnant, many celebrity moms before her have posed nude during their pregnancy and it seems to be a growing trend. It all started when Demi Moore posing for Vanity Fair Magazine in 1991, showing how her growing belly and new curves made her feel sexy. Today, many pregnant women say that they feel sexier and more empowered during their pregnancy than ever before, many for the first time in their lives. From Britney Spears to Paula Patton, to Cindy Crawford to Christina Aguilera, more and more pregnant women are saying that they feel sexier and more empowered during their pregnancy than ever before.